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Aircraft Aluminum 2019-2023 Silverado/Sierra Bumpsteer Kit

Aircraft Aluminum 2019-2023 Silverado/Sierra Bumpsteer Kit

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Bumpsteer is when your wheels move without you moving the steering wheel at all while driving. This usually occurs when hitting a dip or a pothole. Having Bumpsteer usually results in outer tie rod wear, faster tire wear and reduces overall handling
capabilities especially on rough roads. 

   Our Bumpsteer Kits are designed  to remove Bumpsteer from your bagged or static dropped truck and Lifted truck. A quick way to determine if your truck needs a kit is by simply looking at your outer tie rod while the truck is on the ground. If the tie rod is at a bad angle somewhat to the pictures below you are probably experiencing Bumpsteer. Our kit is relatively easy to install and should be professionally aligned after installation.
Our kits include the following

  • 2 -  CNC Machined 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Adaptors
  • 2 - 3/4 Teflon lined Chromoly Heims
  • 2 - Jam nuts 
  • 4 - Stainless steel  Misalignments 
  • 2 - Alignment Spacers
  • 2 - Grade 8 bolts with nuts and washers 


  A 5/8 Drill bit is required to drill out the spindle 

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